Grassley: I Will Not Vote For An ‘Imperfect’ Health Care Bill

The Wall Street Journal reports that, in a recent interview, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) — the ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee and member of the “Gang of Six” tasked with producing bipartisan health care legislation — “vowed not to vote for an ‘imperfect’” health care bill:

“Now is the time to do this right or not do it.” … “We need to slow down and do a little less,” Mr. Grassley told another town-hall gathering in Pocahontas, Iowa, Monday afternoon. “We need to fix what’s broken and leave alone what’s working well.” In an interview, he vowed not to vote for an “imperfect bill” that includes a public option or gives the government too much control over end-of-life issues.

In March, Grassley characterized himself as an honest negotiator, telling the Kaiser Family Foundation that “everything is on the table. … You don’t negotiate when everything is not on the table…everything’s got to be on the table if you’re negotiating in good faith.” Watch it:

Since then, Grassley has adopted the rhetoric of the far right, routinely referring to health care reform as a government takeover, disingenuously misrepresenting reform legislation, and even going so far as to endorse the “dealth panels” myth.


The Wonk Room has compiled a list of Grassley’s most egregious misrepresentations and will continue monitoring and fact checking Grassley’s statements throughout the reform process. Read the full document HERE.