Grassley: Perfection is the Standard

In case you were wondering, here’s yet another indication that Chuck Grassley isn’t serious about doing health reform:

“We need to slow down and do a little less,” Mr. Grassley told another town-hall gathering in Pocahontas, Iowa, Monday afternoon. “We need to fix what’s broken and leave alone what’s working well.”

In an interview, he vowed not to vote for an “imperfect bill” that includes a public option or gives the government too much control over end-of-life issues.

It should be obvious that when you’re talking about doing something like comprehensive health care legislation, you’re talking about passing an imperfect bill. Congress just isn’t going to write and pass a perfect bill. The standard is that you try to pass a bill that makes things better. A Senator talking about the need to avoid imperfection is a Senator looking for excuses to vote no. Delaying health reform, meanwhile, is part of an explicit strategy to kill reform. Max Baucus and Barack Obama need to cut this guy loose and drop the “gang of six” nonsense or else it’s very hard to see how anything is possibly going to get done.