Grassley Takes Credit For Medicare Provisions In Health Care Law That He Opposed

Last month, Sen. Chuck Grassy (R-IA) — a vocal opponent of the new health care law — issued a press release taking credit for some provisions in the new health care law. “The health care legislation signed into law yesterday includes provisions Grassley co-authored to impose standards for the tax exemption of charitable hospitals for the first time,” the release boasted. “The provisions enacted in the new health care law are the result of Grassley’s leadership on tax-exempt organizations’ accountability and transparency, including hospitals.”

Now, Grassley’s office has issued another release, highlighting how the new law would help Medicare beneficiaries in rural Iowa:

Q: What’s the impact of Americans living stronger and longer?

A: Americans are living stronger and longer as nutrition and medical technology improve. According to the Administration on Aging, one out of every eight Americans is age 65 and over. That number will jump to one out of five Americans by 2030….Making sure doctors are available to Medicare patients is another challenge for policy makers. When doctors in states like Iowa are not fairly reimbursed for their services, it makes it difficult to recruit doctors and it makes it a challenge for them to keep their doors open to new Medicare patients. I worked successfully to improve Medicare payments to doctors in rural states like Iowa and, in turn, access for beneficiaries, as part of the health care reform enacted this year. I’ve previously won passage of legislation to help hospitals in rural America keep their doors open.


Grassley delivers a different massage to a national audience. Last month, Grassley told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that he supports the state lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of health care reform, saying “you know, the bad outweighs the good. It’s just that simple.”

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