Greening the Peacock

Okay, yes, I know — peacock’s are already pretty darn green.

I meant the Peacock network, who will be greening their operations — and broadcasting green-themed shows this week:

NBC Universal is launching more than 150 hours of environmentally themed content encompassing all of their programming divisions across multiple platforms for the week of Nov. 4–10. The big media company is taking it a step further and greening its own operations worldwide.

While I know that readers of Climate Progress are far too erudite to admit that you watch network television, I am giving you a pass this week to visit part of the vast wasteland and report on what green things you see. Plus you’ll need something to watch in place of The Daily Show.


I do watch some NBC shows, as I have blogged, and will DVR them when I’m in Chicago so I can report on them at week’s end.