Greenpeace Protesters Declare U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Headquarters A ‘Climate Crime Scene’

As ThinkProgress has documented, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been standing in the way of bold and ambitious action to mitigate the effects of climate change. The business federation has repeatedly questioned the science of global warming and opposed cap and trade, causing numerous companies to leave the organization.

Today, protesters from the environmental justice group Greenpeace declared the Chamber headquarters in Washington, D.C. a “climate crime scene.” As protesters scaled the Chamber’s building, draping it in yellow crime scene tape, Greenpeace vehicles designed to look like police units and ambulances marked “Climate Crime Unit” surrounded the building and blared their sirens. Watch a video of the event:


“We welcome constructive discourse on the serious challenge of climate change,” Tita Freeman, the Chamber’s vice president for communication, told Politics Daily. “Now is the time to stop absurd stunts that are a distraction from real solutions and diminish the importance of this issue.” Of course, if that is the Chamber’s goal, it could stop funding global warming denier groups and accep the overwhelming scientific consensus that climate change is a very real and serious problem that must be addressed through government regulation of carbon emissions.