Greensburg, Kansas going green one year post-disaster

For the rest of their lives, high school students in Greensburg, KS will remember two things about this last year of their life. Most memorable will be the date 5–4–07, when a 205-mph, F-5 tornado tore through their community and changed everything about their lives. And it will be pretty hard to forget that in remembrance, the President of the United States handed them their diploma at graduation.

For a wider eco-conscious community in this country, the aftermath will be remembered as the first time a U.S. town has been built (or rebuilt) entirely green, and done under national attention. From the wreckage, Greensburg is emerging as a pioneer in community-scale green building and eco-development, symbolizing in sorts a better hope for tomorrow. Greensburg has become, metaphorically, the ultimate Green Town.

Last week CBS’s Early Morning Show ran a special series on the recovery effort, and you can also track the town on its Kiowa County-Greensburg (KS) Recovery blog, where you’ll encounter an overwhelming sense of community, enduring spirit, determination and pride in the green reconstruction.

So, Greensburg, Kansas One Year Post-Disaster? Going green and going strong.


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