Growing Number Of Maine Independents Support Same-Sex Marriage

A new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) finds that support for marriage equality is increasing among independents in Maine, just two years after the state “narrowly voted to overturn a law allowing same sex couples to marry.” Fifty-one percent of voters say they support marriage equality, including 53 percent of independents:

Maine is a great example of the reality that public opinion is moving on the topic of gay marriage. 2 years ago voters in the state narrowly voted to overturn a law allowing same sex couples to marry. But now 51% of voters in the state say they think gay marriage should be legal to only 42% who continue to believe it should be illegal. Opinions among Democrats and Republicans haven’t changed a whole lot over the last 2 years, but independents have gone from opposing gay marriage by a 52/46 margin to supporting it by a 53/39 spread.

We also tested proposed language for a ballot measure next year that would allow gay marriage while also making it clear that no religious institution would be required to perform those marriages if it didn’t want to. Right now voters say they would pass that by a 48/35 margin.



In 2009, the referendum to overturn marriage equality passed by a vote of 53 percent to 47 percent.