Growing Older, And Closer to the Truth

I know it’s cliche to speculate about whether Katie Holmes is brainwashed, but I do think it’s telling how little a role she plays in the trailer for The Extra Man. Even as a distant object of Paul Dano’s affections, she’s so blank here:


On the other hand, everyone here seems a little pale next to Kevin Klein in this movie, except perhaps the elderly billionairess he’s unromantically romancing. He’s always excelled at playing deluded, but I think age has shrunk his vanity even further, and heightened his sense of the wisdom of the melodramatic. One of the reasons I love Definitely, Maybe so much is his role as Hampton Roth, an extremely self-indulgent, selfish journalist. Hampton’s not a good person, he uses people, he dies alone. But he’s also supremely aware of how he’s behaving. He has no illusions about his own goodness, he revels in the way other people want to deceive themselves about him. I don’t imagine this role will be that textured. But if it’s even got a third of the verve, it’ll be fun to watch.