Guest Blogger: Minnesotans Are Moving The Planet Beyond Fossil Fuels

Our guest blogger is Julia Nerbonne, the organizer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Here in the Twin Cities things are heating up in the grassroots climate movement. This Saturday, we’ll be joining with people in nearly 170 countries across the world to celebrate Moving Planet, a global day of action to move beyond fossil fuels.

After our event as part of last year’s Global Work Party, when we pulled over 500 people together for a rally to successfully shut down the last coal-burning plant in Minneapolis, we realized we might be on to something. Fast forward to today: after months of meetings, countless phone calls, 40,000 email blasts, a brand spanking new web page, and a handful of great radio interviews, thousands of people will come together on the grounds of the Minnesota state Capitol this weekend. Faith leaders from across the state, cyclists en masse, and great big puppets will be there all calling for bold action to address climate change.

We aren’t alone. We’ll be sending a strong message to our leaders that if they won’t stand up for a livable planet, we will! That message will be echoed through more than 2,000 events, and more than 700 of those will be in the United States. We’ll be standing with folks in Bali, Boston, London, Columbus, Auckland, San Antonio, Nairobi, Denver, carrying one message: move beyond fossil fuels.


Here in Minnesota, it’s not just our scrappy organizing team anymore. The Minneapolis movement has ballooned with the support of nearly 40 partner organizations, from churches to solar panel installers, from labor to public health officials, from farmers to human rights groups.

Whether you are in Minnesota or Mali, we hope you join us on September 24th to call for bold action on climate change. We also hope you stand with us after Sept. 24. No one else is leading the way for us. Let’s get moving.

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