Hadley’s Hypocrisy: “Our Strategy Is Far From ‘Stay the Course’”

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley pens an op-ed in today’s USA Today claiming that “stay the course” is not an accurate description of Bush’s strategy for Iraq:

Our strategy is far from “stay the course.” The president continually challenges all of us to learn from experience, adapt to change and improve our performance.

But in June 2005 on the Charlie Rose Show, Hadley described the Bush strategy as “stay the course” and urged the American public to support it:

What the Americans need to understand and what we need to explain to them clearly is that we do have a strategy. That strategy is making progress. But there are still difficult days ahead. But if we can stay the course, if we can pursue our support for the Iraqi people, if they continue to perform the way — the way they are performing, we will not only build a democratic Iraq, but it will be a democratic Iraq that will send a message of hope to the region as a whole, to encourage the spread of democracy in the region as a whole.


It’s not just Hadley. As ThinkProgress has documented on video, other administration officials have repeatedly used “stay the course” in the past. Despite the White House efforts to “cut and run” from “stay the course,” the truth won’t let them.