Hagel floats possibility of a new third party, says GOP has ‘come loose of its moorings.’

On Bloomberg TV this weekend, host Al Hunt asked Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) whether he is considering changing parties. “I don’t know forever, but right now I’m not considering changing my registration,” Hagel said, while declining to endorse John McCain. He then floated the possibility that there could be a “new party” created to replace the GOP:

Parties are bigger than individuals. It happens that George Bush has been the leader of a party. I think the party has veered, and shifted, and come loose of its moorings. It’s not the party that I first voted for in 1968. I’m an Eisenhower Republican, and the party today is not an Eisenhower Republican Party.

Will it come back? I don’t know. Will we have a new party? Maybe.

Watch it:


Hagel had previously floated the idea of teaming up with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to forge a “bipartisan unity ticket.” He later ruled out an independent bid for the White House.