Hagel: United States “In More Trouble Today Than We’ve Ever Been” In Iraq

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) sounds the alarm on Iraq:

WOLF BLITZER: A lot of people around the world here in the United States warning of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and saying, ‘You know what, we heard the same warnings about Iraq and it’s now been proven the U.S. was wrong.’ How concerned are you that U.S. intelligence has it right right now, if they do have it right?

HAGEL: Well, intelligence is always imperfect. We understand that. It’s a mosaic of pieces, and it’s judgment, and how you use those pieces coming together with some judgment that then will result in a policy. I go back to the conversation we just had here, the three of us, over the last five minutes about Iran. We must be very careful what we’re doing here, because in my opinion, three years in Iraq, things haven’t gone the way the administration said and others said it was going to go. In fact, I think we’re in more trouble today than we’ve ever been in Iraq…

UPDATE: On the same program, former Iraqi prime minister, Ayad Allawi said he was worried that a civil war would errupt in Iraq:


BLITZER: One Iraqi Sunni leader the other day — of The National Dialogue Council said, The government is pushing hard toward a civil war. These actions are conducted by a government which cannot protect their people.

How worried are you, Dr. Allawi, about a civil war in Iraq?

ALLAWI: I am, in fact, worried. Sectarianism in Iraq and the absence of institutions do indicate that if persist, things will go in the wrong direction.