Haley: It doesn’t matter that world leaders laughed at Trump because one is anti-impeachment

Trump's U.N. Ambassador says an unnamed world leader secretly told her the 25th Amendment is a bad idea.

Trump's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Fox News
Trump's UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Fox News on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. (CREDIT: Fox & Friends screenshot)

A day after world leaders literally laughed at Donald Trump’s false boasts during his speech to the United Nations, his loyal Ambassador to the United Nation took to Fox & Friends to do damage control.

But with few easy ways to spin the president enduring what the Washington Post called “the fate he’d always feared,” Nikki Haley cited an unnamed foreign official who she claimed told her Trump should not be removed from office. And using one of Trump’s favorite tactics, she attempted to turn the blame on the news media, suggesting that it is really them that the world leaders don’t like.

“What’s interesting is: I looked at the media yesterday and they all wants to talk about what the world view of the president is,” she said Wednesday. “What they need to understand is the world doesn’t understand the media in America right now. Like they see what the president’s doing, that is what makes us look bad is when they are constantly…”

“I was talking to a world leader yesterday,” she continued. “I won’t name which leader it was, and he said I can’t believe that they would ever talk about impeachment, 25th amendment. He said: ‘Do they understand this is America? You don’t play with something like that.'”

Asked if the secret leader was South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Haley said that it was not, but, “I’m telling you leaders don’t understand why this is even an conversation and they find it dangerous for our country.”


The news coverage about the 25th amendment did not begin with media outlets eager to remove the president, but rather with reports in the New York Times and Bob Woodward’s book Fear that Trump’s own appointees have considered invoking constitutional provisions to remove him due to serious concerns about his mental fitness to do the job.

Trump has indeed found some support from foreign leaders during his tenure, especially those with authoritarian tendencies and those who aim to destroy the free press.