Halliburton Scores A Juicy New Contract

AP reports the Bush White House has just handed Halliburton a brand-new contract — worth up to $1 billion — to support U.S. troops in the Balkans.

A Halliburton spokesperson said “This decision is an endorsement of the best-in-class support that KBR provides to the U.S. military worldwide.”

Remember the last time Halliburton was given a contract in the Balkans?

The General Accounting Office found in 1997 Halliburton “billed the Army for questionable expenses for work in the Balkans, including charges of $85.98 per sheet of plywood that cost $14.06. A year 2000 follow-up report on the Balkans work that found inflated costs, including charges for cleaning some offices up to four times a day.” In all, the GAO said KBR’s cost-overruns in the Balkans “inflated the original contract price by 32 percent.”