Hamdan found guilty, faces life in prison.

A military jury has “reached a verdict at the first Guantanamo war crimes trial.” Salim Hamdan, who was Osama bin Laden’s former driver, has been found guilty on one of the two charges against him. MSNBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports:

MIKLASZEWSKI: Officials at Guantanamo Bay tell us that Salim Hamdan has in fact been convicted of one of the two charges leveled against him and that is material support of terrorism. As you recall, we had discussed earlier, that when he was taken into custody, he actually had two shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles in his possession when taken into custody. The other charge of conspiracy, they found him not guilty. Apparently, one can only guess, that the jurors in fact believe that he may not have been involved actively in any al Qaeda operations and planning, but certainly in terms of providing material support for terrorism, they felt that he was guilty of those charges.

Watch Miklaszewski’s report here:

Hamdan faces life in prison. Yesterday, the Pentagon said that “even if he were acquitted,” Hamdan would “still be considered an enemy combatant and therefore would continue to be subject to continued detention.”


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Ken Gude writes, “So let me get this straight: After seven years and numerous court challenges including two Supreme Court rulings, the Bush administration finally stumbled its way to its first conviction in a military commission for a crime that is routinely handled in federal courts. Is this is the best they can do?”