Hannah Giles, From ACORN Stings to Reality Television

Of course the next stop for Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe’s collaborator in the ACORN sting, is a web reality television show in collaboration with her family:


Her father’s attempt to sell the show by declaring “We’re going to show you young people who don’t do acid, who don’t do ecstasy, who have a rip-roaring good time, and you know what? They maintain their traditional values. I don’t know if that’ll appeal to the little metrosexual who’s tweezing his eyebrows” might need a little work. But as attempts to sell conservativism through the narrow tranche of pop culture that is reality programming, this isn’t the world’s worst pitch. Piety and withdrawal from the world may be hugely spiritually compelling, but they don’t exactly hit reality show beats the way guns, karate demonstrations, and firmly-articulated-if-not-precisely-mainstream worldviews do.