Hannity explodes on air, calls guest ‘fool’ and ‘idiot,’ tells him to get off set.

Yesterday on Fox News, Sean Hannity and The American Prospect’s Robert Kuttner had a tense exchange about the election. As Kuttner offered advice for Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), Hannity interrupted, saying Obama is “hiding” his associations with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. “Stop it. Stop it. This is — this is garbage you’re spewing,” Hannity said. Kuttner shot back, accusing Hannity of “doing RNC talking points”:

HANNITY: You spew this line, DNC talking points.

KUTTNER: I don’t spew any goddamn line. Stop insulting me or I’m walking off the set.

HANNITY: Go ahead. Go. Good-bye. Walk off. … Please. I don’t care. Go right ahead. Walk off. You said the economy is in dire straits.


KUTTNER: It is in dire straits. You want to deny that, you fool?

HANNITY: You fool, you idiot.

KUTTNER: You’re going to deny that the economy is in dire straits?

HANNITY: For the first time — sir, sir, unemployment in this country…

Watch it:

Hannity said that claiming the U.S. has seen a “dire” economy is “all based on a lie.” “We got out of the recession that Clinton and Gore gave us,” he said. In fact, job growth in the eight years before Bush came to office was significantly better than in the eight years since.

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