Hansen on Super Models — for technocrats only

No, not supermodels. I feel obliged to include this part of Hansen’s e-mail for completeness’s sake, though it will probably not be of interest to general readers:

For fellow technocrats: “Climate simulations for 1880–2003 with GISS modelE”, to appear soon in Clim. Dyn., is available here.

Note that there are two versions of the paper available, differing in figure quality and filesize.) The paper documents how well the model simulates past climate. Simulations with this model are extended to 2300 in the paper “Dangerous human-made interference with climate: a GISS modelE study”. The model runs had coarse spatial resolution, as climate models go, but results in the period with observations are reasonable, as climate models go. A merit of our simulations is that they were run for each of 10 individual forcings (greenhouse gases, land use changes, volcanic aerosols, solar irradiance, etc.) as well as for all forcings acting at once. Many climate diagnostics for the runs in both papers are available on our web site, the runs organized as described in the tables in the papers.

Simulations in “Climate simulations for 1880–2003…” are at:


Simulations in “Dangerous human-made…” are at:

The website provides the ability to easily make plots of various diagnostics for arbitrary periods.

“Super Models” was a guise, using prurient interest to gain attention. Sorry!