Has Bush given up on immigration?

The Washington Post’s Dan Froomkin asks, “Where’s the full-court press? Where’s the barnstorming? Where are the famous White House theatrics?”:

Yesterday, Bush left the topic to spokesman Tony Fratto, who gamely insisted that immigration “is a very high priority for the president.” But Fratto couldn’t offer up any evidence to support the argument. Consider Bush’s public schedule for the coming week:

He has no public events today. Tomorrow, Bush delivers the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy where, he told Reuters yesterday, he intends to make the momentous announcement that “al Qaeda is public enemy number one in Iraq and is public enemy number one for America.”

Thursday, Bush’s only public event will find him at a photo opportunity related to trade exports. The only glimpse you’ll see of him on Friday will be boarding Marine One for a flight to Camp David. And so on.