Hastert: Liberals Want To Take ‘The 130 Most Treacherous People In The World’ and ‘Release Them Out In The Public’

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said earlier this week that liberals wanted to “coddle” terrorists. Asked about his comments today on Fox News, Hastert expanded his criticisms. According to Hastert, liberals want to take “the 130 most treacherous people, probably in the world…and release them out in the public eventually.” Watch it:



ASMAN: More on terrorism, though, Speaker Hastert. The president has taken his gloves off, using some pretty tough language with the democrats with regards to security. And you certainly have. You said terrorists would be coddled if we followed the Democrats’ game plan. Do you think the Democrats are coddling terrorists?


HASTERT: I think what they do is, they are so bent on protecting criminals and going through the process and not expediting these people who really want to take our lives, to murder us, and you know, we’ve seen it time and time again. We just saw it just now with the ms-13 gangs, trying to stop them from coming into the country and the liberal Democrats in the Senate blocked it.

ASMAN: But again “coddling terrorists.” You say democrats are doing that. That’s really tough language.

HASTERT: I’m saying what they’re doing is they’re not allowing us to prosecute these people. They’re not allowing us to — the 130 most treacherous people, probably in the world, and they want to put them and release them out in the public eventually.