Hatch bristles over criticisms that he’s at fault for problems of the Bush years: ‘Don’t you believe that B.S.’

Yesterday at Utah’s GOP convention, the state’s two U.S. senators — Orrin Hatch (R) and Bob Bennett (R) received only “polite receptions,” compared to the boisterous applause received by some of the state’s representatives. From the Deseret News:

Hatch, at one point in his speech, appeared upset when some delegates applauded as a way of blaming national Republicans, himself included, for the deficit and other problems of the Bush years.

“Don’t you believe that B.S.,” Hatch said loudly. But some of the 1,800 delegates clearly did.

While many delegates stood and applauded the longtime incumbents (Hatch 33 years, Bennett 15 years), others sat on their hands — not booing, but showing their disapproval through silence.


Many attendees also expressed displeasure with Gov. John Huntsman (R), who has agreed to become President Obama’s ambassador to China. GOP party chair Jude Law said that Huntman’s endorsement of civil unions “mocks God.” (HT: Huffington Post)