Hate Groups Target GLSEN For Pamphlet GLSEN Didn’t Publish

The Family Research Council and MassResistance — both anti-gay hate groups — target GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network) in a new scare-video. GLSEN is an organization that advocates for LGBT youth in schools, defending the formation of gay-straight alliances (GSAs) and advocating for anti-bullying policies. But FRC and MR are attacking GLSEN for a publication called the “Little Black Book,” describing it as “the most vile assault on teenagers ever concocted by homosexual activists”:

There are a number of problems with this attack. First, GLSEN had nothing to do with the publication or distribution of the book. MassResistance makes the entire booklet available online and nowhere on it does “GLSEN” appear. Second, the book is geared toward men who are 18 or older. Third, this isn’t something new; blogger Alvin McEwen debunked this story nearly two years ago.

Beyond all that, the publication is designed to be a frank resource for how to be safe and healthy when engaging in same-sex behaviors. When MassResistance president Brian Camenker says it helps men find places to meet other men? He’s distorting the fact that it merely lists community resources, health clinics, and gay bars. (Surely a booklet listing bars is not designed for “5th through 9th graders.”) And when he says it tells “kids” how to safely perform sex acts, he’s misrepresenting that it actually tells its target audience how to be safe when performing various sex acts (as opposed to how to perform the acts).

This clip is part of a larger propaganda film FRC has produced called “The Problem with Same-sex Marriage” that also largely highlights the work of NARTH (National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality), a group which promotes and practices harmful ex-gay therapy in open opposition to recommended psychological research and consensus.

The “Little Black Book” is not a pamphlet for everyone, and it’s not a pamphlet for kids. It’s still a resource designed to improve health and teach safe sex to gay men. That these two hate groups would use this to attack an organization that had nothing to do with it shows how insidious their efforts are to demonize and disparage the LGBT community.