Health Care Plan Getting More Popular

The health care plan is getting more popular:

I think there are two dynamics in play here. One is that the economic situation, while still very bad, has arguably begun to improve which is making Obama look better.

The other, however, is that we’ve largely switched from a dynamic that’s about Democrats fighting with each other about the shape of health care legislation to a dynamic that’s about Democrats fighting with Republicans about whether or not to pass health legislation. The public’s grasp of the issues is typically not that firm and people engage in a lot of heuristical reasoning. The basic dynamic of a partisan back-and-forth is bringing Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents back into the fold.

Looking forward, I wouldn’t forecast that this bill will ever become super-popular. But Democrats have a persistent edge as the more-trusted party on health care issues, so I think a unified Democratic Party always has a good chance of winning a health care argument at the end of the day.