Health Care Reform = Jobs

“Since Massachusetts enacted the Health Care Reform Plan in early 2006, total health care employment per capita in the state has grown more rapidly than that in the rest of the country,” new research in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes. “From January 2001 to December 2005, employment per capita grew by just over 8% in both Massachusetts and rest of the country. Subsequently, health care employment grew faster in Massachusetts, increasing by 9.5% from December 2005 through September 2010, while the rate of growth in the rest of the country was 5.5%”:

The data suggests that the Affordable Care Act may similarly accelerate the trend “toward health care’s being the dominant employment sector in the economy,” even if the law’s cost containment provisions produce a slower growth rate. The health care sector is already bucking the national trend, as the industry added 29,700 positions in August.