Heavily Edited Romney Video Targets Black Voters, Shows NAACP Audience Applauding

Mitt Romney’s speech at the NAACP was defined in the media by the resounding chorus of boos he elicited from the crowd. Campaign staffers had a different interpretation, insisting that he received “thunderous applause over and over again.

Reflecting this idea, the campaign’s new video targeting African American voters, “We Need Mitt Romney,” rewrites history by splicing together Romney’s speech with shots of a couple audience members nodding as if in agreement. While Romney received a polite standing ovation when he was done speaking, the video has been edited to make it seem like the audience rose to their feet to applaud him mid-speech.

In reality, Romney was booed multiple times, especially when he promised to repeal Obamacare. 95 percent of black voters went to President Obama in 2008 and it is highly unlikely Romney will be able to capture the historically progressive demographic. In fact, an NAACP official told MSNBC that the Romney campaign brought their own African American supporters to fill in the July 11 event. Romney himself admitted that he expected to be booed.

The campaign video also features four African Americans speaking to the camera. One woman declares: “We need in our next president someone who will be honest, open and transparent.”


Watch it: