Heidi Cullen On Flash Drought: ‘This Summer Is A Story Of Moving From Heaven To Hell’

As the summer of 2012 brings a range of damaging extreme weather events, television news networks are giving more attention to the connection to a changing climate. In recent weeks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS have all featured segments connecting the dots between a warming planet and extreme weather.

This morning, MSNBC featured an interview with Heidi Cullen, the chief climatologist with Climate Central, who talked about this summer’s heat and drought in a climate context.

“Here in the U.S., it definitely means more extremes. And we’re talking about heat extremes, drought extremes, and wildfire extremes. So in a sense, the summer of 2012 is a really nice picture, if you will, of what we can expect more of,” said Cullen.

Watch it:


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