By Brian Beutler

A hearty thanks to Matt for opening his site up to me. In addition to being an all around great and brilliant guy, Matt’s also my “blogfather” (or one of my blogfathers) and certainly one of the people who has most influenced my own approach to the medium. The bad news is that he’s much, much better at this game than I am. So you can expect my posts to be both less frequent and less insightful than his.

A bit about me: I like to write about politics, Congress, climate change and issues, like domestic surveillance and torture, at the nexus of national security and civil liberties. In the interest of shaming Petey, if such a thing is possible, it’s true: I’m not bulletproof. I, like Wolverine, am perfectly penetrable by bullets. Unlike Wolverine, unfortunately, it takes me a bit longer to heal.

Oh well.


At any rate, I’ll be focusing most of my attention on this site this week, but will probably check in at my own site from time to time. I hope some of you follow me there.