Herman Cain Explains The Gender Gap: ‘Men Are Much More Familiar’ With Policy Than ‘Other People’

Herman Cain, the eccentric former presidential candidate and pizza mogul with a checkered past on women, suggested today that presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney is losing support among women because men are better informed.

Asked about a new Washington Post/ABC News poll showing President Obama beating Romney on women’s issues, Cain explained this by saying that men tend to be more familiar with policy, while others only know about Obama’s family:

CAIN: Yes, President Obama is very likable to most people, if you just look at him and his family. But if you look at his policies, which is what most people disagree with, it’s a different story. And I think many men are much more familiar with the failed policies than a lot of other people, as well as the general public.

Watch it:


The Post poll showed Romney trailing by a whopping 19 points among women. And while his surrogates and allies have been loathe to admit it, Romney himself acknowledged that the gender gap is related to the recent debate over contraception.