Herman Cain Hopes Gas Prices Increase To Help Romney Win Presidency

Former presidential candidate and prominent Mitt Romney backer Herman Cain is hoping that gas prices increase significantly before November, regardless of the impact on consumers, in order to help defeat President Obama.

Guest-hosting the Neal Boortz radio show on Tuesday, Cain fielded a question from a caller named Mark who asked if it was wrong to want gas prices to hit $4 per gallon “so people would realize that we need a Republican in the presidency.” Cain agreed, saying that it’s “not wrong” to want gas prices to go up because it will “wake people up.” He went on to say that lower gas prices recently are sometimes “manipulated” by oil-producing countries that “want Barack obama to win.”

MARK: Is it wrong that since gas prices have been going up like 30 cents in the last month, month and a half. That for a while I’ve been hoping that gas would hit $4 so people would realize that we need a Republican in the presidency so that on November 7th, gas will be slashed to like $2 a gallon?

CAIN: That’s not wrong at all. If it hits $4 a gallon nationally, that would be a huge wakeup call for a lot of people who, quite frankly Mark, aren’t paying attention. And the other reason that I would agree with you that it was not wrong in order to wake people up in that manner because sometimes you don’t wake them up until it hits their checkbook or their pocketbook is the fact that some of the times when gas prices go down it’s manipulated. It’s manipulated by the oil-producing countries. There are some countries that are really really big as far as oil production that want Barack Obama to win.


Listen to it:

SoundCloud WidgetEdit descriptionw.soundcloud.comIt is unlikely that Cain will get his $4-per-gallon-by-November wish. Though gas prices have increased slightly over the past month, largely due to refinery outages and climate-related closures, they are still down 30 cents per gallon in the past four months.