Herman Cain: If A Woman Decides To Have An ‘Illegal’ Abortion, ‘That’s That Family’s Decision’

GOP presidential frontrunner Herman Cain has struggled all week to explain his position on abortion in a way that won’t antagonize his the Republican base. On Tuesday, he flip-flopped twice in the same interview on whether rape victims should be able to seek abortions — before ultimately concluding that, no, they should not. On Wednesday, however, he told CNN’s Piers Morgan that “the government shouldn’t be trying to tell people everything to do” with issues like abortion. On Thursday, he had an entirely new position: “I am 100% pro-life. End of story.”

Nevertheless, in an interview with Fox News today, Cain wrote yet another chapter to this story:

CAIN: I do not believe that abortion should be legal in this country, if that’s the question.

QUESTION: So then you’re saying that if those circumstances come up and the family does make that decision — that they decide [abortion] is the best thing for that young person or she decides it on her own — that if that’s what they decided then it would be an illegal abortion that they would need to seek?


CAIN: It would be an illegal abortion if the law — look, abortion should not be legal. That is clear. But if the family made a decision to break the law, that’s that family’s decision. That’s all I’m trying to say.

Watch it:

So now it’s Friday, and Cain’s position is that abortion should be illegal. In all cases. And if someone gets an abortion they are personally breaking the law. But if someone gets one anyway, that’s their family’s decision.