Hillary’s Day Of Mansplaining: Benghazi Edition

By Igor Volsky and Victoria Fleischer

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced hours of questioning from the House Select Committee on Benghazi Thursday. As the video above shows, the hearing included some rather patronizing moments from male committee members who scolded Clinton for not answering their questions in a “yes” or “no” fashion and obsessively asked her if she needed to pause and read notes from staff members.


REP. MIKE POMPEO (R-KS): I’m asking — I asked a pretty simple yes-or-no question. I guess. I’m happy to let you expand. I’m happy to bring breakfast in. But, when I ask a yes-or-no question, it’d sure be helpful If we could get to the answer. It’s pretty…It wasn’t a trick question at all.


REP. PETER ROSKAM (R-IL):They report to you and you’re the chief diplomat of the United States. Go ahead and read the note if you need to.

HILLARY CLINTON: (laughs) I have to, uh. I have to…

ROSKAM: I’m not done with my question. I’m just giving you the courtesy of reading your notes.

CLINTON: That’s alright.

ROSKAM: Alright.

REP. TREY GOWDY (R-SC): Let me share with you my perspective. And if you need to take time to read a note … I’m happy to pause.

ROSKAM: And I can pause while you’re reading your notes from your staff.

Well go ahead. You finish reading and I’ll start talking.

REP. LYNN WESTMORELAND (R-GA): Madam Secretary, I talk a little slower than everybody else, so uh…

CLINTON: I lived in Arkansas a long time, I don’t need an interpreter, Congressman.

I clearly said that it was an attack and I also said that there were some who tried to justify.

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): Secretary Clinton…

CLINTON: on the basis of the video, Congressman, and I think it’s …

JORDAN: But, but, real quick. Calling it an attack is like saying the sky is blue. Of course it was an attack.

GOWDY: I’ll go ahead and let you know ahead of time why it’s relevant.

ROSKAM: You knew that this was good for you.

Well, you just recited the Clinton Doctrine to us, and let me tell you what I think the Clinton Doctrine is.

CLINTON: You don’t want a Secretary or anyone dipping in and out. Maybe making decisions based on factors other than what the professionals decide, at least that is my very strong opinion.

POMPEO: Yes ma’am. Leaders lead.