Hinderaker: Everyone’s Favorite Conspiracy Theorist

John Hinderaker, who writes at the popular right-wing blog Powerline, is losing it:

[T]he [Washington] Post’s reporters are part of a lavishly funded and monolithic media effort to misreport the Iraq war for the purpose of bringing down the Bush administration.

In fact, the Post’s editors enthusiastically supported the Iraq war. Here’s an excerpt from a February 5, 2003 editorial:

[T]he United States should lead a force to remove Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship and locate and destroy its chemical and biological weapons and its nuclear program. The Iraqi regime poses a threat not just to the United States but to global order


Washingtonian Magazine described the Post as “The Nation’s Most Hawkish Newspaper.”

Liberal conspiracy theorists are (correctly) marginalized. Right-wing conspiracy theorists like Hinderacker are celebrated. Hinderaker’s blog, Powerline, was named “Blog of the Year” by TIME Magazine in 2004. He is also a regular guest on CNN.

Can someone explain why, exactly, Hinderaker is still taken seriously?