Horowitz’s Politically Correct Database

A lot has been said, in the wake of the Ward Churchill controversy, about David Horowitz’s proposed “Academic Bill of Rights,” now being considered as a law in the Ohio State Senate. Horowitz says it is necessary because political bullying occurs regularly in college classrooms. Here are some examples of what he is apparently talking about, from his Academic Student Abuse Center:

“This complaint applies to the discriminating nature of grading of my English teacher…On the last one, I wrote about how family values in the books weve read aren’t good. I know the paper was pretty much great because I spell checked it and proofred it twice. I got an D- just because the professor hates families and thinks its okay to be gay.” [sic] — Ohio State, English, 2/9/05

“We were then required to watch an immoral Seinfeld episode dealing with masturbation, an exercise with little sociological value. She then gave a lecture on ‘moral relativity,’ which she defined very closely with ‘cultural relativism.’” — St. Louis University, Sociology, 2/13/05

“Talked about flags as symbols of states and argued that new Iraqi flag was not a result of a transparent and fair process…Claimed AS FACT that other Arab societies had red, green and black in their flags…” — St. Michael’s College, Human Geography, 4/30/04

Remember, these complaints would have to be heard by state governments and courts if Horowitz’s bill were passed into law.