Hostages held at Clinton’s NH campaign office.

AP reports:

An armed man took people hostage Friday at a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office in New Hampshire, police said.

The incident happened at about 1 p.m. Friday at 28 North Main St. in Rochester. Officials said that a man is holding people hostage at the office, but it is unclear how many people are being held.

UPDATE: MSNBC is reporting that the two hostages being held are Clinton campaign volunteers. The hostage-taker, who reportedly is demanding to speak with the senator, has already released a woman and a child.

UPDATE II: Bill Shaheen, a top state campaign official, said that the “man had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to himself.” The AP reports that workers “for Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign office in Rochester also were evacuated, a campaign spokesman said. The office is four doors away from Clinton’s. Staffers in John Edwards’ office, a few buildings away, evacuated as well.”

UPDATE III: Clinton, who is in DC, canceled her speech to the DNC after news of the NH situation broke.

UPDATE IV: The Clinton campaign has put out this statement:

There is an ongoing situation in our Rochester, NH office. We are in close contact with state and local authorities and are acting at their direction. We will release additional details as appropriate.

UPDATE V: WMUR in New Hampshire reports that another “one of the hostages, a woman, was released at about 3 p.m.