House conservatives plan another political stunt tomorrow.

Just as they did last Friday, a group of House Republicans will engage in political theater on the floor tomorrow, staging a fake session on gas prices. Congress adjourned last week, but some conservatives remained behind to clamor in the dark chamber for a vote on oil drilling. Politico reports that “Republicans felt they got a lot of good press out of Friday’s ‘revolt,’ so they will be back at it again.”

UPDATE: Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said last Friday: “In a week where Exxon Mobil made the largest quarterly profits by a U.S. corporation, Republicans are staying in Washington to argue that Big Oil deserves more taxpayer lands. Republicans must think Big Oil is paying them by the hour.”


UPDATE II: On Fox News’ Beltway Boys, Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes admitted the move by the House conservatives was a “stunt.” “It’s a stunt, but sometimes stunts work,” he said. Watch it: