House GOP attacks ‘Beijing George’ Bush for rebuffing their political stunt on drilling.

Yesterday, President Bush refused a Republican request to convene a special session of Congress for political grandstanding on oil drilling. In a “legislative update sent to GOP members and staff” today, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) accused “’Beijing George’ Bush of throwing House Republicans ‘under the bone-dry bus’ on his way to the Olympics.” From the memo:

Today, in his final term, the wildly unpopular President George W. Bush boarded Air Force One bound for the Beijing Olympics and a meeting with his chum Hu Jintao, the dapper ruler of a nuclear armed, communist dictatorship. … Perhaps our Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief will bring our absent Democrat Congress some ‘Made in (communist) China’ souvenir t-shirts: “Bush went to Beijing and all I got was this lousy five week, paid vacation.


Attempting to heal the rift, White House spokesman Tony Fratto told the Hill that House conservatives are “doing the right thing by shining a light on this issue.”