House Science hearing “Rational Discussion of Climate Change” with Lindzen, Michaels, and Curry

The 10:30 am DC hearing will be webcast here, I’m told.

Science’s Eli Kintisch will be live blogging it with “rolling, real-time transcript” and “color commentary” from NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt at ScienceInsider.

I may excerpt from them and offer my commentary as well. I’d love to hear from you all.

There are many witnesses for this hearing who are worth hearing, notwithstanding the last-minute addition of fully discredited disinformers Lindzen and Michaels. Here’s the full list with links to their testimony:


Panel I

Panel II

Panel III

I want to get this post up now, but I’ll be adding to it quickly.

I discussed Curry here: “Judith Curry abandons science.”

Lindzen could not be more discredited:

Patrick Michaels is an equally discredited disinformer (see “Patrick Michaels and Cato keep repeating an egregious falsehood about Michael Mann and the stolen emails” who “is connected to no less than 11 think tanks and associations that have received money from oil-giant ExxonMobil to sow doubt about the realities of human-induced global warming.”