House Votes Not To Waste $25 Million On Dirty, Unproven Oil Shale

In a surprise vote last night, the House of Representatives voted to strip the Department of Energy of $25 million to be spent “unconventional fossil energy technologies” including oil shale. The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO), would instead divert the money to deficit reduction.

As Ryan Alexander of Taxpayers for Common Sense described:

After putting up billions for oil shale over the last several decades, federal taxpayers have nothing to show for it. In these tight budget times, we cannot afford to continue throwing good money at failed technology.

The vote was a tight 208–207, with 60 Republicans voting in favor. Oil shale — not to be confused with shale oil — has never been commercially viable despite decades of attempts. And even if it were commercially viable, it would be one of the dirtiest forms of energy ever to be developed.