How Paul Ryan And His Supporters Profit From The Private Insurance Industry

Paul Ryan and his GOP colleagues have always had the private insurance industry’s back, long advocating for health care policies — such as Ryan’s proposed budget that would turn Medicare into a voucher program — that boost insurance companies’ profits at the expense of American consumers.

According to a new Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) and Health Care for American Now (HCAN) analysis, insurers are returning the favor to the tune of $14 million in campaign contributions to Ryan and fellow Republican supporters of his “premium support” plan.

The report also reveals that Ryan’s running mate, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has received close to $2.7 million from the private insurance industry.

All told, the study finds that eight out of the top ten recipients of insurance industry cash during the 2012 election cycle — including every member of the House GOP leadership — are supporters of the Ryan plan.


Ryan himself has pulled in more cash from private insurance employees and their families than he has from any other businesses — totaling $815,328 over the course of his political career.