How The Game Is Played

John Hood:

Denver is competing with New York City to host the 2008 Democratic convention. Many party leaders want to spotlight Colorado as an example of blue momentum in the mountain west, since Democrats have gained the state legislature, seats in Congress, and the governorship in the past two election cycles. But a resurgent Democratic constituency, organized labor, had been balking. Labor leaders said that Denver had few unionized hotels. Their complaints are getting results, as city government is working on the “problem.” City bonds helped finance a downtown hotel, so city officials have used their corresponding influence to help pave the way for a union to organize the workers. Union leaders who favor Denver’s bid want to use the convention business as leverage to organize additional hotels.

This is how the game is played, kids.

Hood seems to regard this as shady but, in fact, this is how the game is played and I say, “keep on playing.” Denver would be a good location for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. I think the party would like to see a Denver convention. And I think Denver would like to host a Convention. The problem is that there aren’t enough unionized hotels in Denver. So local politicians and labor unions are trying to use the possibility of a convention and other forms of leverage they have to organize local hotel workers. Sounds smart to me — I wish them luck.