How The Right Spells Sacrifice: T-A-X C-U-T-S

9/11: Tax cuts over national sacrifice

Pete Peterson, former Secretary of Commerce under Nixon: “After 9/11, [the Bush administration] faced a choice between tax cuts and getting serious about the extensive measures needed to protect this nation against further terrorist attacks. They chose tax cuts.”

Iraq: Tax cuts over national sacrifice

Tom DeLay, one week before U.S. forces were launched into war in Iraq: “Nothing is more important in the face of a war than cutting taxes.”


Hurricane Katrina: Tax cuts over national sacrifice

Former White House political director Ken Mehlman, urging supporters today to contact their senators about a vote to permanently repeal the estate tax — a massive sop to the ultra-wealthy that will cost the United States $1 trillion over ten years: “When they return from their August recess, Senators will consider a key issue: elimination of the death tax. … Make your voice heard on this important issue. … Express your support for tax relief and economic opportunity.”