How To Manage Your Superhero

Like all good people, I love me some David Strathiarn, so I’m glad to see him show up in the first of a crop of new television series that acknowledges that having superpowered cops on the force might require more than your standard-issue gruff Sergent (and that’s not even taking into account the challenges of having to relocate them all the time a la The Incredibles):

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I doubt Alphas will revolutionize the industry, but I’m so over watching the “shucks I’m special” phase of superhero stories that even if this show is a Heroes knockoff, I’ll probably enjoy it. And I’ll enjoy it even more if both the powers and the conflicts are a more toned-down than they are in your average superhero movie. As Dr. Horrible reminded us, being even a little bit special can make it incredibly difficult to figure out where you fit. There are clear roles for gods in this world, but precious little understanding of the space in between them and humans.