How To Philosophize With A Webcam

Inspired by Stephen Metcalf’s weird Slate piece about Robert Nozick, philosophy majors turned think tank bloggers Matt Yglesias and Julian Sanchez take to the Internet to understand political philosophy:

I managed to go an hour and fifteen minutes with Julian without even putting forward my main claim. But what I wanted to say was that on the level of philosophy, I think there’s very little that separates generous interpretations of all thinkers in the broad liberal tradition. All secular rationalist cosmopolitans have an enormous amount in common. The fact that secular rationalist cosmopolitans are so overwhelmingly dominant among college professors, meanwhile, tends to distract from the fact that secular rationalist cosmopolitans are actually rather thin on the ground. But if everyone on the earth accepted any of the various brands of liberal or libertarian thinking, we’d be in a much better place.