How to Power the Economy and Still Fight Global Warming

Be sure to buy (online or in print) the September issue of Scientific American. The entire issue is devoted to climate solutions by leading energy experts. And unlike the recent article in Science, we get a major discussion of efficiency here, both for electricity and vehicles.

The article by U.C. Berkeley professor Dan Kammen on renewable energy is a must read. And everyone interested in climate should be familiar with the “stabilization wedges” by Princeton professors Socolow and Pacala. I will post more on both of these articles later.

There are also good articles about the future of coal (and carbon sequestration) and nuclear power. I don’t think that hydrogen is a climate solution, (see The Hype About Hydrogen), but if you want to know the other side, start with the article by U.C. Davis’s Joan Ogden.

Scientific American is to be commended for putting together such a first-rate issue.