Huckabee: Bush’s role in Plame leak should be ‘investigated.’

In an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball yesterday, former Republican Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee called Scott McClellan’s revelation that “the President himself” was involved in the Valerie Plame scandal “stunning.” “They deserve to be thoroughly examined, investigated, and the truth brought to the American people,” he said, adding that President Bush should personally respond to the charges. Watch it:



View Plame’s response to McClellan’s statement HERE.


HUCKABEE: Well, I’m just hearing it this afternoon for the first time. It’s stunning. It’s one of those moments where I’m very glad that I’m not a Washington insider. It would not be a good time to have a Washington address.

MATTHEWS: Do you think this smacks of the problem of cover-up and sleaze and underhanded behavior, when even the president is apparently, according to his spokesman, party to a cover-up, willingly or not, wittingly or not putting out false information and then commuting the sentence of the person who shared in that party line, which was to deny any criminality?

HUCKABEE: Well, Chris…

MATTHEWS: In other words, Scott…


HUCKABEE: … these are serious allegations…

MATTHEWS: Scott was told to do something, Scooter did it. I mean, it’s fairly parallel here.

HUCKABEE: Well, they’re serious allegations, but we don’t know yet whether they’re true. Scott’s not saying this under oath. It’s not being denied under oath. And I have a feeling that before it’s all finished through the wash, that’s what’s going to happen.

But these are serious allegations. They deserve to be thoroughly examined, investigated, and the truth brought to the American people.

MATTHEWS: Do you think the American people deserve a statement from the president in this regard, personally?

HUCKABEE: Oh, I think he will have to respond to it, because the closeness and the fact that Scott McClellan was one of his most trusted aides and in the position of press secretary.