Huckabee: Leaders With ‘Biblical Worldview’ Would Bring ‘Equality’ To The World

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla catches potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee saying that he wishes the world was ruled by “people with a biblical worldview” who could bring “equality” to the world. Huckabee made the comments during an appearance at Statesville Christian School in North Carolina yesterday:

He said that the kind of “biblical worldview” taught at SCS was in the direction of unmitigated equality. “I’d love the world to be lead by people who have a biblical worldview,” he said.

Wouldn’t it be an exciting thing to have leaders who believe all of us are equal?” he later asked …

Huckabee said Sunday that he has been asked many times if it is difficult to be a Christian and a politician/elected official.

“I always answer that actually it’s a lot easier to be a Christian,” he said. “I wake up every day knowing what I believe.”

While some Christian leaders could bring greater equality into the world, Huckabee’s particular version of Christianity would do very little to bring equality to anyone who doesn’t’ fit his definition of family or abide by his rules of sexual conduct or gender conformity.


Before he maligned Natalie Portman for appearing at the Oscars while pregnant, Huckabee had built up an impressive record of speaking out against gay people. Just last month, Huckabee warned that expanding marriage to gays and lesbians would lead to polygamy and promised to use his Constitutional powers and the presidential bully pulpit to prohibit same-sex unions if he were elected president. He also implied that same-sex couples are “dysfunctional” and should not raise children. For more on Huckabee’s record of ani-gay pronouncements, click over to Media Matters’ comprehensive review.