Humana CEO McCallister Endorses Univeral Health Care

On Monday, during an appearance on Fox Business News’ Countdown to the Closing Bell, Humana CEO Mike McCallister endorsed the progressive prescription of universal health insurance:

HOST: Can we cover everybody, Michael? Is that possible, universal health care?

MCCALLISTER: We can. It’s heavy lifting. And there is no simple, silver bullet answer to that…. we don’t have the right economic model because not everyone is in the risk pool, as we say in our industry. So it’s possible, the money is there. It’s going to take a real concerted effort and it’s not simple….getting everyone in the risk pool or getting them covered is the right thing to do. We’re wealthy nation, we should find a way to do that.

Watch it:

McCallister joins the majority of Americans who already support universal coverage. According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll from June, 66% of Americans believe that “providing health care coverage for all Americans” is more important “even if it means raising taxes.”


Similarly, a Quinnipiac University poll from May found that 61% of Americans “think it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure that everyone in the United States has adequate health care.”