Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Tell EPA To Adopt Carbon Pollution Reductions

On April 13, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first carbon dioxide pollution limits for new coal fired power plants. This action launched a sixty day public comment period for the public to let EPA know that it supported the proposal.

Just ten days later, on April 24th, a broad coalition of clean air, labor and other progressive organizations delivered over 700,000 comments in favor of the proposal to EPA.

The groups delivered the comments to EPA Deputy Administrator Robert Perciasepe:

“Setting strong limits on carbon pollution is not only critical to public health and the environment, but will also diminish the impacts of climate change and has broad public support as evidenced by numerous polls and the massive total of more than 735,000 comments submitted thus far in support of strong limits on carbon pollution.”

The comments expressed support for limits on carbon dioxide pollution from new and existing power plants.

These organizations, including the Center for American Progress Action Fund, plan to deliver “an even larger number of public comments before the close of the 60-day public comment period, June 12, 2012.”


Big electricity and coal companies are spending millions of dollars against these public health safeguards. It is critical that EPA continue to hear from Americans that they support reducing carbon pollution from power plants.

Please submit a public comment to the EPA in support of strong carbon pollution rules, urging further action to clean up our air and thanking them for their proposed safeguards. Take action here for clean air.Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress Action Fund.