Huntsman Slams Romney For Failing To Take A Stance On Boehner Debt Plan: ‘You’ve Got To Stand Up’

As House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) attempts to wring support out of his stubborn GOP Caucus, the leading Republican presidential candidates have all taken clear stances on Boehner’s debt plan — except for Mitt Romney. Though he continues to lead in the polls, Romney remains silent on the number one economic issue that is currently crippling Washington. Last night on Fox News’ On the Record, candidate Jon Huntsman declared his support for the Boehner plan, and took the opportunity to slam candidates like Romney for failing to “even come up with what they support.” In specific reference to Romney, Huntsman said, “You’ve got to stand up. This is a time when leadership matters and you got to stand up and voice where you are.” “This isn’t academics,” he added, “this is the real world.” Watch it: