Huntsman Speaks Out Against Santorum’s Polygamy Comments: Treat Everyone With ‘Fairness And Dignity’

Former Utah governor and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is speaking out against Rick Santorum’s efforts to link marriage equality to polygamy and urging the former Pennsylvania senator to treat all voters with dignity, Bloomberg reports:

One of the other candidates, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, in an appearance earlier this week compared gay marriage to polygamy, asking voters “what about three men?” Huntsman described that kind of rhetoric as divisive, saying the conversation ought to be based on “fairness and dignity.”

Huntsman is one of the few Republican presidential hopefuls to support civil unions and reciprocal beneficiary rights for same-sex couples, and would allow states to enact marriage equality. He has previously spoken out against homophobia in the campaign, condemning his fellow candidates for allowing a debate audience to jeer an openly-gay servicemember.

Huntsman first embraced civil unions in February 2009, despite supporting a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage in 2004.